Suimeikai Ticket Information

Suimeikai Ticket Information

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Online booking open September 04th 10am JST.

How to Purchase Tickets

Request by Website Note: Only for Reserved seating (8,000 yen)

  1. Please choose the performance date, show and the number of tickets (note: you cannot specify seats).
  2. Fill out the necessary fields on the request page, and complete the transaction using a credit card.
    Note: After the credit card settlement has concluded, no cancellations or changes will be possible under any circumstances.
  3. Once we have confirmed payment, we will send the Suimeikai/Ticket Voucher PDF by email.
    Note: Upon completion of credit card settlement, an automated email from the address from the settlement system BASE Company will be sent. We will send the Suimeikai/Ticket Voucher from the email address. After settlement, please make sure that you can receive email from these two email addresses.
  4. Please be sure to print out the Suimeikai/Ticket Voucher attached to the email and bring it with you. If you forget the Ticket Voucher, you will not be able to receive an entrance ticket or reserved-seat ticket.
    Note: Please be sure to confirm that there are no errors between the request content and the Suimeikai/Ticket Voucher content.
    If you find any discrepancies, or if you have an issue that requires immediate attention, please contact us at the following phone number.
    Phone: 075-221-2025
    (open weekdays 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, can be reached on weekends while the performance is being held)
  5. Please bring your Suimeikai/Ticket Voucher on the date of the performance, and exchange it for an entrance ticket or a reserved-seat ticket at the ticket office.
    Note: If you cannot print out the Suimeikai/Ticket Voucher, then please show it to a staff member on your smartphone or tablet.

Click Here for Suimeikai Ticket Information

【Notes Regarding Website Purchase】
  • Please note that you cannot specify seating. You will be assigned seats from the Association.
  • Seating is on the first and second floors.
  • As wheelchair-accessible seating is limited, if you or anyone in your party requires wheelchair-accessible seating, please contact us directly by phone.
  • You may not be able to get sequential seating based on the numbers in your party.
  • Website purchases only for Reserved seating (8,000 yen). Non-reserved seat is not sold.

Request by Telephone  Note: Only for Reserved seating (8,000 yen)

  1. Contact the Pontocho Kabukai Association by phone (075-221-2025) and inform us of your desired performance date, and number of tickets (note: you cannot specify seats).
  2. Once the request has been completed, please pay the price by bank transfer, or by registered mail (we will inform you the bank transfer detail, or registered mail address when making the request).
    Note: Transfer fees shall be borne by the customer.
  3. Once we have confirmed the payment, we will mail you the admission ticket voucher.
  4. Bring the admission ticket voucher on the day of the performance and exchange it for an entrance ticket (Ticket can be exchanged up to 45mins before the performance).

お問い合わせは下記まで(For inquiries, please contact)

先斗町歌舞会(Pontocho Kabukai Association)
〒604-8003 京都市中京区先斗町三条下ル(Nakagyo-ku, Pontocho-dori, Sanjo Sagaru, Kyoto)