Q1How can I purchase tickets?

In addition to phoning the Pontocho Kabukai Association (phone: 075-221-2025), you can also get tickets from a travel company we have a contract with, and at the JR help desk. For performances in 2016, ticket sales will begin from January 8th for travel companies and can be purchased from our Association from April 1st. Please see the Ticket Information page for more details.

Q2Is it possible to buy a ticket on the day of the performance?

Same-day tickets can be purchased. Ticket sales begin from 10 AM at the ticket vendor next to the entrance of the Kaburenjo. Please inform the vendor of the desired performance time and the ticket type. Tickets do sell out, so please purchase yours promptly.

Q3What is a tea ticket?

A tea ticket allows you to enjoy the geisha’s tea ceremony from the tea seats. Sweets will be served to you on a dish – you can take the dish home with you as a souvenir if you like.

Q4What kind of clothes should I wear to the performance?

There is no dress code in particular – you can wear your regular clothing. However, it might be nice to dress up in Japanese wear to enjoy the feel of the Odori dance.

Q5Is there wheelchair access?

The Pontocho Kaburenjo is a very old building with a lot of stairs, but please rest assured that our staff will be available to help out at every corner.

Q6Is eating and drinking allowed inside the premises?

Eating and drinking is not allowed inside of the premises. Please limit such activity to the second floor (with the vending machine) and in the third-floor break room.

Q7Can my luggage be stored somewhere?

Yes, the cloakroom on the first floor can be utilized for storing luggage.

Q8How long is the performance time?

Performances are held three times a day. Each performance is approximately 1 hour 10-15 minutes long.

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